​Grade R - 3

  • Skort (girls)/ Shorts (boys)                : Availible only at school : R120.00
  • T-shirt with school badge               :Availible only at school : R150.00
  • Black takkies or school shoes with white socks for girls and grey socks for boys.


Grade 4 - 7

  • Boys:                                                                                         Girls:
    • ​Short grey pants                                                                                     Navy skirt
    • Greys socks                                                                            White socks                    
    • White short sleeve school shirt                                               White short sleeve school shirt
    • Black school shoes                                                                 Black school shoes
    • Navy V-neck pullover                                                              Navy V-neck pullover


Grade R:  Tracksuit ONLY

Grade 1 - 7 : Tracksuits OR

Boys:                                                                                         Girls:

  • ​Long grey pants                                                                                      Navy skirt or long grey pants
  • Greys socks                                                                           Black stockings or White socks                    
  • White long sleeve school shirt                                               White long sleeve school shirt
  • Black school shoes                                                                Black school shoes
  • Navy V-neck jersey                                                                Navy V-neck jersey
  • School Tie                                                                              School Tie
  • Navy rain jacket                                                                      Navy rain jacket
  • Navy, school winter cap                                                          Navy, school winter cap

Very Important:

  • PT: Only white shorts and white T-shirts will be allowed for boys and girls.
  • Only white vests or white shirts will be allowed under a school shirt.
  • The following items are for sale at the office; School tie - R 50, School winter cap - R50, School badge - R20
  • Order tracksuits well in advance, please call Mrs. H. van Harte : 021 903 7916 / 082 967 1955